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Melissa "Missy" Peregrym (born June 16, 1982) is a Canadian actress and former fashion model.
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" "After 100 days she still won't let me become her boyfriend.She completely ignores me and won't send me any mail. Interior design simulator app helps decorate your house with 3D furniture and other items.

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Great creative game for kids, girls and adults who love design, style and fashion! Also you can talk to NPCs (chat craft), date (date craft) and ride the animals (horse, cow and piggy).

Simulate a house of your dream in a 3D view, from the first person perspective!

Design & decorate kitchen, living room, bathroom with lots of fashionable furnitures. Build & craft princess palace, fill it with cute fashionable furniture.

I used a flash decompiler, then a flash editor, then a hex editor in order to accomplish the following: A TON of money as soon as you start, enough for the entire game An insane amount of energy on your first Each day starts you off with 999 energy Tips: - Because you will have an incredible amount of energy your first day, you should give gifts to all the girls until they all have about 8000 relationship exp.

- The 999 energy a day is the maximum possible without error, because for some reason the advance day script sets your energy to a string (I really don't know why).