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He eventually chose to leave the series in 2002, shortly after his character married and became a father.

Moving to the United States, Ryan was cast as Jay Robertson in the Lori Loughlin-starring series Summerland, which ran from 2004 to 2005.

But we have to say that one of our favorite Australian exports recently is gorgeous actor Ryan Kwanten.

Now, if you were a fan of , then you’ll remember him best as Sookie’s insanely good looking brother Jason Stackhouse.

We were lucky enough to have the kind of writers that could keep sort of manipulating that world and keep it interesting for people to keep tuning in every Sunday. The great thing about those fans, though, is that they are beyond loyal; the kind of fans that would stick around for seven years. So they threw a very lavish, True Blood-style wrap party for us. If you could play any role or any character, what will it be? I’ve always enjoyed watching Paul Newman, for instance. For me, I love playing broken characters, characters that are flawed, that you’re not quite sure if they’re going to last to the end of the episode or to the end of the film. It’s so hard for me when I do come back because I know that my heart belongs here. WE ATE Woody Island Oysters; Crab & Lettuce Tacos; Serrano Jamon.

Being a star in a vampire show, you must have some interesting fans! You, as an audience member, have to kind of almost pick them up and push them through the scene.

But you can’t predict just what an audience is going to sort of latch on to. You don’t know how long the vampire world is going to stay [popular]. And our show was notorious for drinking three times the amount of any other show. There were dances, there was DJs, there was a live band, there was more alcohol than you want to deal with, food. So as your star rises, you work your way up in the chess game of life. Looking for the near future I have to be placed in the [United] States, just for little things that I’ve set up. Whether it’s freezing cold or delicious, I’ll jump in there, catch up with friends, watch movies, do some yoga, go hiking, watch music, at least see sort of one or two music acts. BITE SIZEWE WENT TO The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room, The Rocks.

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has its first ever Valentine’s Day episode airing this Tuesday on Fox at 9/8c, and in the spirit of its singleton’s-eye-view of modern love, stars Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone, plus guest star Ryan Kwanten, sat down to dish the subject of awkward first dates.

You’ll be happy to know that …READ MORE & GET SPOILED ‘s fourth year will be the season of witches — but brace yourselves Truebies, because at tonight’s Paley Fest panel honoring the HBO hit we learned that it’s more likely the season of Sookie and Eric!