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Dating a people pleaser

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My persistent people pleasing went unnoticed — even by me — for decades.

A people's pleaser is more likely to be put in the friends zone straight away, without even being considered dating material.With all of them I was cool, genuine, undemanding, completely in sync.Never a doormat, never a push-over, just a version of myself that was tailor-made.Closely related to being a nice guy, and unfortunately is as probable to lead to one-sided relationships.Where all the empathy and consideration comes merely from the people's pleaser, and for the good of the other person."Harry is suchs a nice guy, he's just a people's pleaser.""Thanks for helping me out again, Mary, as always, you are too kind! More destructive, perhaps, is the inability to have a voice that can say, “No, you can’t treat me that way,” or “I need more from you,” or “I want a reciprocal relationship.” The absence of this separate, developed self means that questions of want, likes, and needs is not addressed.