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Consolidating balance sheet definition

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Below, in an edited extract from their award-winning title Mergers, whether truly so or not, tend to take place among just one of the three major types of deals.These horizontal deals take place between competitors or those in the same industry operating before the merger at the same points in the production and sales process.In horizontal deals, the managers on one side of the deal will know a lot about the business of the other side.Intelligence may be easy to gather, not just because there will likely be employees that have moved between the two companies over time in the course of business, but also because the two firms will most likely share common clients, suppliers, and industry processes.SANs are noted for high throughput and ability to provide centralized storage for numerous subscribers over a large geographic area.

Files can be stored and retrieved rapidly because they do not compete with other computers for processor resources.Many have questioned whether all mergers and consolidations are really acquisitions.This is because the result – sometimes as much as a decade later – is that the staff, culture, business model, or other characteristics of one of the two companies becomes dominant in the new, combined organization.An accepted form of financial reporting in which individual income statement or balance sheet categories are consolidated under a general category for purposes of simplifying the reading of the financial statement.Condenses a detailed, multi-page financial statement down to less than a page of summarized reporting.Other desirable features include simplification of the storage infrastructure, centralized and efficient management, optimized resource utilization, and low operating cost.