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Adults also need the connections that a family brings.
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So we had an Ustazah coming to the house to teach us to read the Quran and perform the Solat in the right manner.
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Fijians also say "bula" when someone sneezes in the same way we say bless you. Read more: * Exploring the magic of French Polynesia * President of Palau proposes new law for 'quality over quantity' * Samoa: A forgotten island in the Pacific Fijians adore children and will love them as their own. There's nothing more endearing than hearing a grown Fijian man giggle.
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Check out the 3D chat rooms and join the conversations.
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While there are several others who could be considered for the list, we weighed them on a scale of accomplishment (awards, chart positions), perceived influence (specific genres, areas of the world they come from and directly speak to) and how their sexuality has fit into their career (age/point in time in which they divulged their sexuality, speaking out for LGBT equality, working with other queer artists).